Healthcare works best when patients are familiar with the medical system, are well informed about the nature of their illness and are comfortable advocating for their needs. However illness and injury is daunting for most people.

Navigating the healthcare system can be confronting, confusing and time-consuming especially when you or your loved ones are facing serious illness. Delays are common and precious time can be lost.

The Medial Concierge

The Medical Concierge® can help you access the most accurate diagnosis and treatment via priority access to top specialists and allied health providers. We can also coordinate medical and support services and advocate for you to receive the best care. The Medical Concierge® can make a difficult time in your life just that much easier.

“When my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer I wanted to be the best support person she could possibly have. I went to every appointment and took her to as many treatments as I could manage between work and kids. Looking back though, I realise there were so many times when I was totally lost. We’d go to appointments and forget to ask questions, or ask the questions and forget the answers. It was so hard staying on top of all the decisions around treatment options, not to mention keeping my business running and caring for our children. I wish we’d had someone in our corner running the medical side of things as well as helping me find people who could help at home when my wife was so sick. I think I could have then been more of an emotional support to my wife, who needed me more than ever.”