Generally The Medical Concierge® is engaged by a client who is also the patient. However there may be instances where the client may be a family member involved in the patient’s care, for example where a patient’s needs become complex and expert guidance is required. We are also engaged by family members who are unable to manage a patient’s needs due to distance, lack of time or expertise.

The client can also be a corporate who engages The Medical Concierge® to navigate and advocate for key personnel faced with serious illness or injury to ensure the best outcomes possible with minimal downtime.

“I wish I could go with Mum to all of her appointments as I’m not 100% confident she’s getting the best medical care. I’m not even sure she’s really managing at home anymore even though it’s where she wants to be. But with a busy corporate job and children of my own, I just can’t manage it. I wish there was someone I could rely on to make sure she’s getting the best possible medical care as well as what she needs so she can keep living at home.”
“I value my independence but I’m increasingly having to rely on my children to do things for me. I wish there was someone who could help me sort out my medical appointments and home care needs as I don’t want to have to call on them all the time.”