The Medical Concierge® can provide independent advocacy for patients to achieve the best healthcare outcomes possible.  We can assist by:

  • attending medical appointments,
  • listening and asking questions,
  • helping patients better understand their diagnosis and treatment options,
  • arranging second opinions with skilled specialists,
  • facilitating better communication between patients, specialists, GPs and allied health professionals,
  • mediating where doctor/hospital/patient relations have become strained or have broken down, and
  • following up with health professionals to ensure continuity of care.
“Every time I walk out of a specialist appointment I suddenly remember the questions I meant to ask. There’s no much information to process and decisions to make that it can get quite confusing. I wish there was someone who could come with me to help ask all the questions and write down the doctor’s answers so I don’t forget.”
“It’s so frustrating trying to get the doctors talking to each other. I’m sure there are things that are being missed because they’re not collaborating in Sonia’s treatment. She could have been discharged from hospital so much sooner if only the teams had talked to one another. There needs to be someone coordinating information flow between the doctors and making sure no stone is left unturned to get Sonia the best possible care.”