Yes. We can arrange everything from priority access to leading specialists as well as accommodation and travel arrangements. We can accompany patients to medical appointments and advocate for their needs as well as follow up to ensure continuity of care.

“When Tina was diagnosed with breast cancer it was such a shock. She was only 34 and we had two young children. Our regional hospital did have some services for breast cancer treatment but that was almost 3 hours away and I hadn’t heard the best about it. Our GP looked up a cancer specialist in Sydney to refer us to but how were we to know if they were any good? We did go and see them but didn’t come away terribly impressed. It wasn’t our GPs fault – they only see a few breast cancer patients each year and most went to the nearest regional hospital for treatment. While we were in Sydney we asked around and lucked upon a cancer specialist at one of Sydney’s leading hospitals who specialised in Tina’s type of breast cancer. This doctor had the highest cure rates and worked together with other specialists at the hospital to make sure Tina had world-leading treatment. We were so relieved! It would have been so much better if we’d have known which specialist to see in the first place and had some help arranging Tina’s trips to Sydney for treatment as I often had to stay at home to run the farm and take care of our kids.”