No. Patients are required to obtain a referral from a General Practitioner (GP) to be eligible for Medicare and/or private health fund reimbursements. Generally GPs are willing to refer patients to requested specialists and indeed most GPs welcome the opportunity to update their referral database with details of leading specialists provided by The Medical Concierge®. The Medical Concierge® works together with your GP to optimise your healthcare outcomes.

Overseas patients who are ineligible for Medicare may not require a GP referral to specialists or allied health professionals. It is important to check the terms of your international insurance policy to ensure you follow the required procedures to be eligible for reimbursement from these insurers.

The Medial Concierge
“The orthopaedic surgeon I saw in Singapore for my Grade 3 MCL tear recommended surgery. But everything I’ve read suggests surgery is usually not ideal for this sort of injury. I’ll be down in Sydney next week on business and wish I could get in to see an expert for a second opinion. Given how sports-mad Australians are I’m sure there are doctors who only operate on knees!”