There are many instances where The Medical Concierge® is able to assist when you are overseas and a loved one requires medical assistance in Australia. For example you may have a parent who has escalating or critical medical needs but being based abroad makes it difficult to ensure they are receiving the best care possible. The Medical Concierge® is able to help by liaising with doctors involved in your parent’s care, ensuring that they see the most appropriate and leading specialists required, and attending appointments to ensure all relevant questions are addressed. We can ensure all relevant medical records are available at appointments so the most accurate diagnosis and treatment options are found, and arrange additional services such as home nursing and home aids, meals and transport. In short, we can be there for your loved when you can’t be.

“I feel bad living in Hong Kong when Dad is so sick back home. Mum is really struggling with it all on her own. I fly down whenever I can but seem to spend all my time organising Dad’s medical appointments and home care that I don’t actually get to spend any time with him.”