Costs & Services

You may be concerned about the cost of engaging The Medical Concierge® to assist with your healthcare needs.

However it may cost less than you think and can save you money in the longer term by helping you find the most appropriate treatment faster.

Cost and Services

How Our Service Works

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Services That Can Help You

  • Helping you identify the most experienced and capable specialists or allied health professionals for your medical condition
  • Securing timely consultations with specialists and allied health professionals for you
  • Arranging second opinions to ensure you have explored every option
  • Collecting and digitising your medical records to ensure time isn’t lost repeating tests and the most accurate diagnosis can be made
  • Attending key medical appointments as an advocate to ensure all questions you have are addressed
  • Objectively researching and guiding you through the complexities of your diagnosis and treatment options
  • Exploring complementary therapies that may be beneficial to you
  • Ensuring communication and coordination of services between specialists and others involved in your care is integrated and efficient
  • Following up to ensure continuity of care
  • Researching and providing information on specialist fees and other costs, including rebates you are entitled to from Medicare or your health fund
  • Making Medicare and health insurance claims on your behalf
  • Attending general appointments, treatments and surgeries with patients
  • Managing health records on an ongoing basis
  • Exploring services that may be available to you at a community level, including a range of free and heavily subsidised services

Engaging Us – Your Options

We have an extensive range of services that can be tailored to your needs.

For more information on our fees and services please contact us

Hourly Rate

Where needs are straight forward, we recommend an hourly rate where we assist with specific requests.

Many clients require fewer than 2-3 hours to obtain what they need. You can save countless hours and significant medical costs by engaging The Medical Concierge® as we truly understand how to get the healthcare system to work best for you.

Weekly, Monthly or Annual Retainer

Where needs are more complex and time-consuming, we recommend a retainer arrangement which provides for comprehensive services. You can start with an hourly rate and switch to a retainer should your hourly costs approach the retainer rate.

Typically this level of service would be recommended where health care needs are critical, such as in the case of serious illness or where surgery and/or rehabilitation is required. It is also recommended where patients require a higher level of care due to age, disability or mobility concerns.

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We Can Also Arrange

  • home nursing with trusted providers
  • transport to and from appointments (with nursing staff if required)
  • home aids and equipment
  • travel and hotel accommodation for rural and overseas clients
  • cleaning services and/or nannies for your home
  • meal delivery services and home shopping services
  • pamper packages or flower or fruit basket deliveries

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