Key Team Member Coverage

When critical members of your team are faced with illness you want them to receive the very best of care to get them back on deck with minimal downtime. Getting the right diagnosis and most appropriate treatment can make a world of difference. It can even save lives.

The Medical Concierge® ensures your critical team members have priority access to the most experienced and capable specialists for serious and concerning medical issues. Uncompromising insistence on excellence for our patients has real and measurable health benefits. We advocate for our patients to ensure they receive the best.

Corporate Medical Support

We can also coordinate all logistics, such as scheduling appointments, booking flights and hotels, arranging in-home nursing care and even a dinner service with nutritious and tasty meals. Transport to and from appointments can be arranged and a skilled and compassionate person can accompany patients to every appointment to ensure nothing is missed.

By coordinating care from the outset, The Medical Concierge® can streamline delivery of health services and minimise delay so patients can get back to work as quickly as possible.

Whole Family Coverage

Coverage for Key Team Members can also be extended to their families. Whether it’s your employee or their child, spouse or parent, serious illness throws families into chaos.

Family members rightfully turn to each other for support in times of crisis and valuable work time is spent managing the stress and logistics of a family in turmoil. Indeed the executive skills your key team members possess mean they are often tasked by family to find solutions to a myriad of problems.

By extending coverage to include family members, key members of your team are able to rest assured, knowing both the healthcare and logistical needs of their families are in safe hands.

Please contact us to discuss options for key employee or whole family coverage.